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Connect with a Community Group?

Life is meant to be lived in community, not alone. Through Community Groups, you have the opportunity to extend your Rooted experience and connect with others (in a group of 10-15 people) to live out Compass’ Core values and impact the world around you with the love of Jesus.

Group Connect

Rooted is your first step to joining a Community Group. Once you’ve completed Rooted, you may choose to continue your journey with your Rooted Group or join another Community Group.

If you are a Rooted graduate and are not connected to a Community Group, we would love to help you find one.

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Interested in Leading a Community Group?

Community Group leaders play a crucial role in the life of our church. They are on the front lines of ministry impacting the community and beyond with the transformational love of Jesus. They are shepherds to the groups they lead, cultivating and creating environments of spiritual growth and mobilizing members to a lifestyle of serving others.

If you are a Rooted graduate and are interested in leading a Community Group, please complete the application and someone from our team will contact you shortly. Thank you for your interest!

Group Leader Application

Group Resources

There is a library of resources that will help you understand what the Bible says and how to apply it to your life. Each study includes discussion guides and practical next steps.


Nathan Lewis
Discipleship Pastor
Josh Akers
Roanoke Community Groups Pastor
Amanda Grella
NFW Next Steps Pastor