What is Baptism?

If you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus Christ, baptism is one of the most meaningful next steps you can take. Baptism is a public celebration of your decision to follow Jesus.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Baptism

A simple reason why Christians should be baptized is because it follows the example that Jesus set for us when he himself was baptized (Mark 1:9-11). Jesus also instructed his followers to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).
Baptism is the picture of forgiveness and new life. The water represents how faith in Jesus cleanses believers of their sin. Also, when you go down into the water and then resurface, you are publically expressing your belief in Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection as well as your own spiritual rebirth.
We baptize by immersion because we want to be a church that does biblical things in biblical ways. In the language that the Bible was originally written in, the word for “baptize” literally means “to dip" or "immerse”, and baptisms in the Bible were done by immersion (i.e. Acts 8:38–39). Also, immersion best symbolizes a burial and resurrection. (Colossians 2:12).
Here at Compass we love to see children making decisions for Christ and confessing their faith through baptism! We have an awesome online Baptism class for kids, Taking the Plunge.
Infants and newborns are precious and innocent, and do not have the need (nor the ability) to repent and turn from their sin. That's why we wait until a child has the need and ability to repent and follow Jesus before we baptize them.
Perhaps your parents had you sprinkled as an infant, a child or even a teenager. Is that a good thing? Of course. Your parent’s had great intentions when they had you sprinkled. It was their way of dedicating you to the Lord, and that’s always a special moment, but it was not your personal demonstration of faith.
You may wonder if getting baptized dishonors your parents. Of course not. Why did they do this in the first place? They did it in hopes that you would grow up in the Lord. So, to participate in believer's baptism is essentially an answer to your parents' prayer.
The Bible teaches that baptism accompanies the decision to follow Jesus, so as soon as you believe that Jesus is your savior, you should be baptized (Acts 8:12).
Many times we have individuals who do not remember their decision as a child, had their parents tell them to be baptized, or not fully understand what they were doing. If that's you, the answer is: that’s up to you. Being re-baptized is certainly permissible. If you think about it from time to time, wonder about it, and maybe occasionally lament over it, then yes, you can absolutely be re-baptized to clear your conscience and re-dedicate your life to Jesus.