Employment Opportunities

If God has put a call on your life for professional ministry, join us in our mission of Navigating People to God.

The mission of Compass Church is Navigating People to God. Our main purpose is to tell others about Jesus. Compass makes it a priority to be a Church where unchurched people love to attend. We aim to be a place where everyone is welcomed. Compass is a genuine and generous Church.

Compass is also a healthy growing Church. Compass is a large multi-site church in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. When people walk through the doors of one of our campuses, we strive to meet them with tremendous hospitality. When they are ready to take a “next step” we help them experience our four core values. These values are meaningful, and we make them memorable by connecting them to the four points of a compass.

East = Engage which means we want to help people connect with others.

West = Worship which means we want to help people grow in their faith.

South = Serve which means we want to help people serve everyone, everywhere

North = Navigate which is where we equip people to share their faith in Jesus with others.

Compass Christian Church does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law as it applies to churches. However, Compass Christian Church does require staff members to have the same religious beliefs and values and to live according to those religious beliefs and values.

Employment Requirement: All staff must agree to and live to the best of their abilities in accordance with our Beliefs and Staff Commandments. Prior to completing an application, read and study the Beliefs and Staff Commandment. If you can wholeheartedly agree with both our religious Belief statements and Staff Commandments, please complete the online application.