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Compass Academy Interest Meeting ~ Roanoke

Compass Academy is an important part of Compass's desire to develop MORE spiritual leaders as we navigate MORE people to God. Please join us for an interest meeting on August 6, 11:30am in the Next Steps room.  

The mission of Compass Academy is:

To ENCOURAGE, stir, support, motivate, inspire, and fortify the God-given desire, to grow and lead at Compass. To EQUIP the body of Christ with the knowledge and skills to Go Deep. To EXPAND, develop, amplify, diversify, proliferate, and broaden the reach of Compass as we Navigate People to God, by multiplying those prepared to lead.

Year 1 offers 4 classes of Leadership Development. 

Year 2 offers 4 classes of Biblical Foundations. 

Fall Dates: 

1st class - August 27 - October 15

2nd class - October 22 - December 10 

Roanoke Campus

Next Steps Room

  • Once at 8/6/2023 12:00 PM

Registration closed on Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Lori Murillo