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Parent & Tech Resources

Apr. 15, 2021

Tips for Managing Your Screen Time

  1. Remove your screens from your dinner tables and bedrooms.
  2. Use the Screen Time/Digital Wellbeing feature on your phone.
  3. Turn off notifications.
  4. Take a 1 month Social Media Fast.
  5. Use wisdom when it comes to your kids and their devices.
  6. Give your spouse or a trusted friend full access to your phone.
  7. Go on a digital detox: 1-1-1 Rule: 1 hour/day (meal), 1 day/week (sabbath), 1 week/year (vacation)

10 Ways to Win with Tech as a Parent

  1. Slower and later is better
  2. Set up terms and conditions (ideally, before they get their first phone)
  3. Keep technology out of their room
  4. Put away devices an hour before they go to bed
  5. Use parental control filters by person, device, or the whole home (We recommend CIRCLE [meetcircle.com])
  6. Set limits on games/apps
  7. Read their text messages
  8. Increase freedom for Juniors and Seniors
  9. You own the phone and can view anything

Get This Book

Watch This Talk

Your students will have to deal with the good and the bad that technology offers. It's a different world than we grew up in and one that we're still learning to navigate as adults. Andy Stanley sat down with Joy Phenix to give us advice on how best to prepare our students for the challenges that come along with technology and smartphones.


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