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Hurricane Laura Relief Effort

Sep. 3, 2020

One of the things we love about Compass is our rapid response to serve our friends and neighbors when tragedy strikes. Like me, you may be asking how we can help the people of East Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of a hurricane while still in the tension and restrictions of COVID-19.   

We have been praying and thinking of the best way to respond to this disaster. As a result, we have an opportunity to partner with an organization that we served with during Hurricane Harvey. IDES, International Disaster Emergency Service, exists to meet the physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ.   

They currently have trips set up to help with relief efforts. Transportation and food are your responsibility with housing options available at a local church (see the link below for more info on what to bring).

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Thank you Compass for your generosity as you give, serve, pray, and love others!   

Compass Outreach Team