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In-Person Gatherings Resume August 20-23

Aug. 3, 2020

Hey Compass,

I want to update you on some very important things. You know, we've been on a journey together for almost five months now as we have experienced a global pandemic, hard to believe. No matter how you feel about it, you would have to agree that it has changed our lives, and it is absolutely changed our church.

We spent the better part of three months experiencing together what it was like to be an online-only church. And then back on the first weekend of June, if you remember, we felt it was safe to resume in-person gatherings only to experience a fairly large spike in the number of cases here in North Texas. So, our in-person experience was pretty short-lived, three weeks to be exact. And of course, we have returned now to online-only, which brings us to today.

What's changed? Well, not much actually, accept the fact that Fall is approaching, and the kids are going to be starting school soon. Be it in person or online, depending on the school district and the option that they choose. And we feel it's time for us to join just about every other church in the Metroplex and bring back in-person gatherings to Compass for those who really want to get back to physical locations.

Now, before I announce our comeback date, I want to say this. We are still planning to operate Compass out of an abundance of caution. As your leader, I want you to know this. I am more than willing to come under potential criticism for perhaps being too cautious during a season like this. That is to say in the end, if Compass Christian Church gets known as the church that maybe was a little too careful or a little too cautious I can absolutely live with that. I really can. Because the alternative for me is, is not a responsible or acceptable option. We have to have a very long view of this, unfortunately, and being as mindful and careful with the lives of vulnerable people is absolutely a Jesus-like virtue. And that's the approach we've taken from the very beginning.

I also want to remind you that during this five-month period, we have continued our mission of navigating people to God. We have not been stopped with that mission. During the season, the hungry are being fed. Did you know, that 1.5 million meals have been distributed by Compass? 1.5 million. So the hungry are being fed. The poor are being resourced. The missionaries are being empowered and paid. People are being shepherded and cared for. The gospel is being preached, baptisms, and life transformations are happening on a weekly basis. I think we can all agree that those responsibilities are among the highest of God's calling on his church and honestly have superseded the need for us to be in the same physical location.

That said, we are planning to return back to in-person gatherings on the weekend of August 23rd. Compass is going to go back to in-person gatherings, physical gatherings, starting Thursday night, August the 20th here in Colleyville, and then all of our campuses on Sunday, August the 23rd. We want to have time to prepare for that. This is gonna be a very pivotal weekend for school getting started up the week before. And so we feel like this is the best timing.

Now we are gonna invite you on Sunday night to two different locations. Sunday night, August 16th, we'll give you time soon, you'll see it on social media. We're going to have worship event, a Night of Worship, here in Colleyville for the Colleyville and the North Richland Hills campus. And then in Roanoke for the Roanoke and North Fort Worth campuses. We want to spend some time worshiping, praying, we'll pray over teachers as they will return to the virtual classroom, some to the actual classroom on that next day. And so we're gonna have a Night of Worship August 16th, and then we want to invite all of you back to our campuses on that weekend of August 23rd.

Now I want to just say this. My heart's desire is that if you feel comfortable and you are healthy and well, we want you to come back to church and be a part of the physical gatherings here at Compass. And for now, I really hope you wear a face mask into the building and that you would be extremely sensitive to those around you. We don't know if the government encouraged face mask mandate will still be in effect at that time, but if it is, we certainly plan to be submissive to such an order. And of course, it goes without saying that we will practice careful physical distancing at all of our campuses and that we will be clean and sanitized and ready for worship.

Overall, I can't tell you how proud I am of our church Compass Christian Church. I believe with all my heart, I still, I believe that our best days are squarely ahead.

Drew Sherman, Lead Pastor