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Urgent Appeal from CICM

Oct. 12, 2022


Urgent Appeal from Dr. Ajai Lall

Greetings! On behalf of Dr. Ajai Lall and the entire family and ministry, we want to share details of an evolving situation currently impacting the family and ministry. Specifically, we aim to provide a basic understanding of the situation and practical ways you can help. 

Understanding the Situation

On August 15th, 2022, India's Independence Day, Dr. Lall was asked to join a large gathering of political leaders and law enforcement where they presented an award honoring the ministry's significant contribution to the community. However, some local agitators met the accolades and praise received with jealousy and fury. These antagonists appeared on television, wrote in newspapers, and focused on how to attack the mission and its leadership. Over the past month and a half, there have been numerous threats, allegations, and intimidation tactics trying to find ways to close the mission's work and attack Dr. Lall. Several ongoing efforts by these local agitators, aided by local media, are allegedly connected to various government departments and branches.

How You Can Help

You can help support us in three practical ways.
1.    PRAY: Please pray for strength against these various attacks and favor with local authorities in positions of influence. Pray for discernment as we navigate how to respond to this adversity. Pray for guidance and wisdom in understanding. Pray for safety for our families and those who support our work in the field. Pray that the work is not dampened by this persecution but that it continues to thrive and grow in a spiritually dark place.
2.    PETITION: We believe that advocating this situation to the proper authorities may help put the right type of pressure on local leaders. If local leaders feel that the spotlight is on them and that they will have to justify their actions and decisions on a national and international level, it will encourage them to follow the rule of law.
Link to Find House of Representatives
House of Representatives Letter
Link to Senators
Senator Letter
U.S. Embassy in India
Embassy Letter
3.    PROVIDE: Your continued generosity towards this work will enable us to meet the physical and spiritual needs within the beautiful yet broken land and provide a testimony of love and service in the face of hardship and persecution.