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Hurricane Ian Relief

Sep. 30, 2022

Whenever we see scenes of devastation and suffering, as we've seen with Hurricane Ian, almost everybody who loves Jesus has an immediate response to say, "What can I do?" Compass is already working toward finding ways we can be of assistance to the people of Florida as they go through this devastating season. We have spent $10,000 to send a truck full of emergency supplies, food, and hygiene kits to people in Florida with people we trust on the ground and know where to go to do the most good.

On top of that, you can use the button below. When you give to that fund, we will find additional ways to give all that money you give to people in need. Every time we see these kinds of events, I want you to know that the elders, Pastor Drew, that the leadership of Compass is poised and ready to offer aid, to offer good things in ways that never cause harm.

We want you to know that our love for the people of Florida, the people that have suffered deeply because of this, are in our prayers, and we want you to stay posted because we are going to make sure that when we have the chance and the ability to do good, we're never going to back down. Thank you for being a light. Thank you for being unstoppable. Thank you for representing Christ as a part of Compass. We love you.

Rob Maupin
Executive Pastor - Ministry Development 

Donate to Hurricane Relief Fund